Health & Safety Markings

Health and safety markings ensure that potentially hazardous areas are clearly marked to provide a safe environment for customers, employees and the general public in line with HSE Regulations.

These type of markings can be applied internally or externally and on a variety of surfaces including asphalt, bitumen macadam, block paviors and concrete.

We use materials such as solvent borne road marking paint, hard gloss two pack polyurethane, hot applied thermoplastic and two pack epoxy depending on the floor surface.

Our range of services includes:
  • Assembly points
  • Crosshatched safety areas
  • Definition of hazardous areas
  • Definition of storage areas
  • Disabled parking bays
  • Exit routes
  • Fire doors
  • Forklift routes
  • Garage and forecourt markings
  • Machine operating areas
  • Pedestrian crossings and walkways
  • Refreshing existing markings
  • Removal of existing markings e.g
    Chemical removal of internal paint and tapes
    Power sanding from smooth floated concrete
    Thermal lancing from blacktop surfaces
    Tungsten scabbling from concrete surfaces
  • Slip resistance markings
  • Walking men logos
  • Warning arrows and markings
  • Zebra crossings

Please contact Sean Beare or Jon Williams in our Estimating Team who will be happy to assist you with your health and safety line marking requirements.